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Hi, my name is Ric Brackenbury, and I come from Stockport, South Manchester, UK. This site is basically about me and my interests, and is currently under construction. Hence some of the links might not work yet.

I've decided to make a bit more of an effort with this site now-please email any comments. Thanks for visiting!

I currently work at Ascension Balham Hill church as a Minstry Assistant, and am involved in running the Alpha Courses, the website and helping with services and meetings. I've lived in South London since January 2005.

New for 2005, my latest mad idea, the TubeChallenge. The idea is to travel through every single London Underground station in a day, and there is a World Record for the fastest time to complete the feat. I've put a tubechallenge page here. UPDATED: Now includes details of Tube Relief 2005.

There was a brilliant revival of Doctor Who in 2005, here is a 'summary' of the first episode, Rose. If you haven't seen it, I'll leave it to you to decide what is genuine! Rose If I can be bothered, the remaining episodes to summarise are 2)The End of the Contract, 3)The Ungrateful Dead, 4)Flying Pigs and Farting Aliens, 5)More of the Incredible Farting Aliens, 6)Dalek, 7)The Dull but Important One, 8)Are you my Daddy? 9)Are you my Mummy? 10)The Doctor Dances, 11) Return of the Incredible Farting Aliens, 12)Crazy Frog, and 13)Have a fantastic life.

I'm 22, and I'm a committed Christian, which is pretty useful when working for a church! I enjoy watching sports (and playing when others don't mind me being rubbish) games, puzzles, juggling etc, walking and mountaineering, and am interested in politics and current affairs.

Last year I was a maths teacher on the TeachFirst scheme, but I didn't complete the year (despite being very impressed with TeachFirst as an organisation) and before I was a student at Selwyn College, Cambridge.

Further back, in my gap year I started out on a Christian youth and schools scheme called the Pais Project in Derby. Unfortunately, I didn't have a very good time, either with the church I was wporking with or the organisation, so I returned home at Christmas. However, I picked myself up again, and had a wonderful 6 months teaching English in Poland (Not working yet) I'm had a great time in Cambridge, although the maths was very tough. I got involved with the Christian Union and just for fun (believe it or not!) I enjoyed being in and organising the Assassins' Guild in Cambridge. To see newsletters from Derby, please click here

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