Episode 1: Rose

Rose works in a central London department store. It's closing time, and she's running an errand in the basement. Suddenly, the plastic mannequins around her begin to move....

Rose: I'm being attacked by a monster I can't just walk away from! Help!
Doc: Run!
Rose: Nice first line. Who are you?
Doc: I'm the Doctor, and I've got some blowing up to do to make sure no-one turns over to Ant and Dec. Run for your life!

Rose runs, and as the store explodes behind her, she doesn't even spot the blue box...
The next day, Rose is moping at home, when she hears a noise outside. She opens the door to find...the Doctor, peering through her catflap.

Rose: Are you stalking me?
Doc: (standing up quickly) Er, um, no, no, the, er, sonic screwdriver led me here, yes.
Rose: Come in. I'll put the kettle on. (exit)
Rose's Mum: Oh look, we're all alone together.
Doc: Yep
Rose's Mum: And I'm only wearing this little dressing gown.
Doc: Yep
Rose's Mum: You never know what might happen, do you?
Doc: No thanks. Your daughter maybe, but just no. (exit)

The Doctor goes to talk with Rose.

Doc: You can actually act, can't you? I'm pleasantly surprised.
Rose: And you're in danger of being a good Doctor. If you ever say more than one sentence at once, though. So who are you then?
Doc: Oh, some very enigmatic, clever and witty bloke in a blue box. Bye!

Rose consults an obsessive Doctor Who fan for advice, figuring out that he is most likely to be sitting in front of a computer somewhere. She emails a mysterious man called Clive. As soon as she mentions that she is young and female, he suggest that she comes to visit. Rose knocks on the door of the address that he gives....

Rose: I'm here to talk to you about the Doctor. And the blue box.
Clive: That blue box? Sorry, it's for brand new companions only.
Rose: But, don't you have any information for me?
Clive: Oh, for brand new companions only, hee, hee.
Rose: But I need to know!
Clive: Sorry. Bye now. (shuts door)
Wheelie Bin: Burp.
Rose: Mickey, I'm hungry.
Mickey: (sounding like the Terminator) Let us proceed to food outlet, is this you convincing?

In the restaurant....
Mickey: Am subtle I being? What is Doctor the planning?
Rose: Er?
Mickey: So, babe sweetheart love, you can tell me. I'm not an evil plastic Auton after all, oh no. What do you know about the Doctor?
Doc: Allow me to demonstrate. (He wrenches Mickey's head off)
Mickey: Tis only a flesh wound!
Doc: Run! To the blue box!

They run inside

Rose: Wow, it's bigger on the inside than on the outside, is it alien? And are you alien?
Doc: Sigh, usual questions, yep, yep, and, yep.
Rose: So what are we looking for then?
Doc: The Auton controlling transmitter, a giant dish or wheel shaped object nearby. Any ideas?
Rose: A big wheel in Central London? Er, yes.
Doc: You know where it might be?
Rose: Even Sylvester McCoy could have worked this one out. Let's go.

5 minutes later ......

Doc: Now, let's look under the Eye somewhere, ah here's a convenient manhole cover. Just when I thought we might run over the 45 minutes. Down we go!

They go down, and find a giant blob, the Nestene Consciousness waiting for them.)

Doc: Good to see you again! I might not destroy you if you negotiate with me.
NC: Unggh omgy grungo. (Rough translation: Having a laugh, jug-ears?)
Doc: Don't invade Earth, please.
NC: Grong gruun thungar. (Go and squash this imposter )

An Auton grabs the Doctor, finding a vial of antiplastic.

Doc: Oh, how did that get there? I wasn't going to use it of course.
NC: Tergry greenry yrgel. (Right, trash this planet)

All the shop mannequins come to life and start killing people. Brand new customers only man is first to go. The TARDIS falls through a (plot)hole into the Nestene Consciousness's Lair. Rose grabs a chain, and prepares to be heroic, swinging across the lair into the Auton holding the Doctor. The Auton falls into the Nestene Consciousness, with the antiplastic. There are a couple of random explosions, but not much happens.

Doc: Total victory! We have won! Let's go, Rose.

They enter the TARDIS, and rematerialise nearby.

Doc: Rose, come with me.
Rose: Hmm, no thanks.
Doc: Are you saying you don't want to travel through time with me? (He raises one eyebrow)
Rose: Ah, I understand. (Runs back to TARDIS)


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