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Normanton News

4th October 2000

Dear friends, it's good to be in Derby, and I'm settling well into the routine here. I'm living by myself, which is great in terms of independence (and having to learn how to do some housework!), but it also takes a lot of time up, and can sometimes be lonely. The house Iíve been given is fantastic: thereís lots of space for me to use, and itís very near where I am working. Iím working on the Derby Multitrack team, which basically means that I will be doing general schools work during the day with the team, and in the evenings doing church youth work or attending church meetings as required.

My Team

Luke is the team leader, comes from Derby, and this is his third year on Pais. Last year he was team leader for the Stockport team. Jo is assistant team leader, is Scottish, and this her second year on Pais, having been on the South Manchester team last year. Karen is officially the area administrator, which means that although she will be doing some schools work with us, she will also be involved with setting up projects such as Youth leader training schemes. Nick is from Coventry, and this is his first year. Iím still me, surprisingly. Helen comes from York, and this is her first year also.

A definite praise point is that the team is getting on very well and working well together. Weíre currently preparing various schools ministry, such as assemblies, clubs (CUs) and lessons, with the first schools booked for the end of this week and next week. So please pray for the success of these initial sessions. Also that the schools will want us back to do more, especially lunchtime clubs.

Church Work

Iím based at St. Augustineís church , and Iím going to be assisting with the leadership of various childrenís and youth groups in the church, and also in another church in the parish. There are some teenagers, but few are spiritually committed, and there isnít a spiritual youth group of any description. Weíre trying to set one up, but weíre not sure how many people we can get interested in it, so please pray for the young people already in the church that they will be interested and enthusiastic about this venture. There is also some disunity within the church leadership, so please pray for God to soften the hearts of those concerned.

I'll be back

Everyone is coming back to Manchester for additional training in the week of October half-term., so Iíll try and see as many people as I can while Iím back. Iím also trying to write lot of letters to people, but please donít be offended if I take a long time to reply to letters! Thankyou for your prayers and letters, it really is encouraging to know that I am supported in the work I am doing.

Love + prayers, Ric Brackenbury

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